Property and Financial Matters

In the event of a relationship breakdown, what happens to the property and finances?

Federal laws determine how property and finances are divided when a relationship ends. What you are entitled to receive, and how you distribute the assets of your relationship, is different in every case. But, very similar considerations apply to opposite sex and same sex  relationships, as they do to traditional marriage relationships.

An individual legal solution needs to be tailored to you.

Dimocks can assess your family situation and work with you to resolve your property and financial issues, including:-

  • advising on the likely division of assets and liabilities
  • obtaining relevant information about your partner’s assets and liabilities
  • negotiating with your partner or their legal representative, if required.


You may need to go to court. Both the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court can deal with property cases, but each court has different powers and procedures.

Dimocks can guide you through the court process for the best outcome.

We will make sure that you understand your legal rights and responsibilities, and know how to protect them.

Binding financial agreements

To help you avoid the worry and stress, as well as significant legal costs, of deciding how your assets will be distributed should your relationship end, we can also advise you on making a binding financial agreement.

These can be made, both before and after you begin living with your partner or spouse, and also after a relationship or marriage ends.

Contact us for answers to your family law issues.

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