Ending a Relationship


At Dimocks Family Lawyers we understand that the period following separation will be a difficult and possibly emotional time for you.  Should you require the support of professionals other than a lawyer, we can put you in touch with people whom we trust.

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To end a marriage, you need to first separate and then make a formal application to court for divorce. Australia has a no fault system of divorce, so the court does not need to consider who was at fault in the marriage breakdown. But you do need to be separated from your spouse for at least 12 months before you can file your application.

Dimocks can provide advice and capably guide you through all aspects of your divorce, including making a divorce application and representing you in court, if necessary.  

We can also help you make appropriate financial and property arrangements, and arrangements for the care of your children.

Dimocks can also advise on matters relating to overseas marriages, help determine the validity of such marriages, and advise on the process for divorce in these cases.

De Facto and Same Sex Relationships

As a de facto partner (including in same sex relationships) you have virtually the same legal rights as married couples in relation to matters like property and financial settlements, maintenance, and deciding living arrangements and care for your children when your relationship ends.

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