Sperm Donor Parental Rights

Sperm Donor Agreement Rights Sydney Family Lawyer

If you are planning to conceive using a sperm donation, or plan to be a donor, you should be aware of the legal implications. One of the issues to be addressed is:- Will the sperm donor have an ongoing relationship with the child, and will the donor be regarded as a “parent”? This question came … Read moreSperm Donor Parental Rights

Prenuptial Financial Agreements – Section 90B

Section 90B Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Sydney

Financial agreements – valid and binding? Section 90B (pre-nuptial) Agreement Pre-nuptial agreements are one form of Financial Agreement parties can sign and which are enforceable under the Family Law Act. It can be challenging and cause stress for couples to broach the subject with each other, as it can appear to put a negative spin … Read morePrenuptial Financial Agreements – Section 90B

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