Donor Agreements

Donor Agreements, although they are not legally binding, are recommended when embarking on the process of artificial conception with a known donor.

These Agreements are useful for recording the intentions of the parties about their future involvement in the care and upbringing of the child.

In the absence of a written agreement, a dispute could arise between the birth mother and donor, about his involvement in the child’s life.  This might happen when a donor decides that he wants a bigger role in the child’s life than was originally contemplated, or when the relationship between a known donor and the birth mother breaks down.

A Donor Agreement can be drafted to make clear the involvement of the known donor in the child’s life.  It could later be used as evidence, should a dispute end up in Family Law proceedings.

If you are planning to be a donor, or wish to use a donor, we recommend that you seek legal advice beforehand.  Contact us to book your initial conference, to make sure that your interests are well-protected. 02 9221 8390

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