Buying a Property


The purchase:

If you are purchasing a property, a contract will be given to you by the agent and you will be taken through the contract by a Solicitor of this office and advised accordingly. It is prudent to obtain legal advice. The terms of a contract are initially drawn to suit the vendor.

On exchange, vendors invariably require that a certificate be given under section 66W of the Conveyancing Act saying that advice has been given by a solicitor and thereby waiving the right to a cooling-off period of five (5) business days.

The matter thereafter proceeds by way of electronic conveyance as noted above. Dealing with the sale or purchase of what will in most cases represent your most important asset, requires expertise. You will find that Dimocks Family will guide you through the process, from negotiating the terms of the contract to completion.  Contact them and you will find their fees most competitive.

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