Virtual Hearings – The New COVID World

  COVID-19 has changed professional environments within many industries, including the legal profession. Due to various lockdowns, social distancing requirements and the reluctancy of meeting face to face, online platforms are today used more than ever for lawyers and their clients to effectively communicate with one another and the Court. The Court known as, the … Read more

Appeals in Family Law Matters

  An appeal is a procedure which enables a party to legal proceedings to request that a higher authority reviews a Court decision. In family law matters, a party can request the appeal Court to set aside a decision made by a Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA) judge or registrar. An appeal … Read more

Farewell to the Family Court

  Tuesday, 31 August was the last day of the Family Court of Australia as a stand-alone Court, dispensing justice to separated families. Twenty-one years ago, the Government under Prime Minister Howard established the Federal Circuit Court (“the FCC”), to operate alongside the Family Court.  The intention was to create a Court that delivered justice … Read more


  Pre-Covid, surrogacy was becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Surrogacy is a process whereby a woman (the surrogate) offers to carry a baby on behalf of another person or couple, who will then become the child’s parents after birth (the intended parents). There are two types of surrogacy arrangements – altruistic surrogacy arrangements and commercial … Read more

What happens when your loved one passes away? Do I need a grant of probate?

  As Benjamin Franklin said: “…in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.”.  Given death’s certainty, most people die leaving a Will pursuant to which an executor (i.e. a trustee) is appointed and the estate will be administered according to the terms of the Will. Up to four executors may be named in … Read more

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